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Dear Form Teacher, Dear Parent, 

Chose the Rugby Club Hotel in Esztergom for a class trip or summer camp in 2016!

"Rugby Club Hotel: the place where you can be active!"


Esztergom is a great place to visit because of its historical values and pinteresque beauty. It's worth to reserve at our hotel, because we offer more than only accomodation for class trips.
In addition to securing accomodation we provide meals for class trips, over and above we organize parties and sport programs in our Hall. In the game room there's an opportunity for playing with Billiards,Darts, Table Soccer or Rex, in the bar you can connect to free wifi and use the plazma TV as for entertainment.
In summer the classes can relax on the bank of the Danube on the fresh air, and the city centre is only 500 metres faraway our hotel, so they can reach it on foot easily. We offer place for a campfire where you can grill bacon or marshmallows, and we have a huge area what is perfect for NO war or competitive games.
We also offer a wide range of optional programs, and in case of need we help organize them. In collaboration sportassociations in Esztergom our guets can try more sports. You can go hiking in the area of Duna-Ipoly National Park, go on a bycicle trip or if you like watersports you can try canoeing or kayak in the Danube. If you are looking for a splash youcango to Aquasziget (Aqua Island), which is really close to the hotel.
Reserve accomodation in our hotel and we give you these rewards! 
If you reserve for weekdays (from Sunday to Thursday) you get*
 - a half-price (150 Ft/person) trip from the train or bus station to the hotel by narrow-gauge railway.
 - OR a discounted ticket in the Danube Museum.
 - we always invite the teachers for a tasty coffee.
*We send in email the detailedinformation about the mini train and the Danube Museum.
Price offers for student grous:

Accomodation prices

From Sunday to Thursday:
In 3-5 beded room with private bathroom: 3.000 Ft/person/night
In 5-8 beded room with common bathroom: 2.700 Ft/person/night

From Friday to Saturday:
In 3-5 beded room with private bathroom: 3.300 Ft/person/night
In 5-8 beded room with common bathroom: 2.900 Ft/person/night

Meal prices

Breakfast: from 700 Ft
Lunch, dinner: from 1.000 Ft

If you book 2 or more nights we give you extra discounts!
We provide free accomodation for the escorts, depending on the number of participants!
The prices include VAT!
For groups and classes we can give special discounts!
Request a personal quote from us! Ask here! Click now!



Prices with meals

Accomodation+breakfast: 3.600 Ft/person/night in the hotel, 3.100 Ft/person/night in the tourist hostel
Accomodation+half board: 4.500 Ft/person/night in the hotel, 4.000 Ft/person/night in the tourist hostel
Accomodation+full board: 5.500 Ft/person/night in the hotel, 5.000 Ft/person/night in the tourist hostel


Book your accomodation and ask for personal offers here!

Click here to check the hotel occupancy!


You can vary the menus on offer, in which case the prices agreed upon!
The given price is only available if you don't choose many kinds of menu!
Food  materials sensitive children's needs we ask pre-announce (flour, milk, etc. vegetarian)!
The tourist tax isn't included in the price (300Ft/person/night)!
Excluded from the tourist tax those who are under 18 years old or over 70 years old;those who are attended in medical treatment; students if they are in the town because of education; those who visit the town in case of professional training or employment obligation; and the employees who visit the town if the employer confirms the fact of occupation.





Adress: Nagy-Duna sétány 1. Esztergom

Telephone: +36 20 476 0438