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The team work plays an important role in the success of the companies. Any company can be satisfied with the staff's expertise, preparedness, but the effectiveness is multiplied when some people in the process of team building  become a real team, and by helping each other they create the creative atmosphere of the company's success. The team-building programs are perfect strengthening employee relationships, which are essential for successful teamwork. The team works improves those properties which are indispensable to succesful life, such as self-knowledge, people skills, self-confidence, optimism, responsibility and risk taking, independence, tolerance, ambition, empathy.

On one of the most beautyful places of Esztergom, on the Island Prímás is located is our cheap hotel which is perfect for team-building programs. The property has a lot of rooms, and huge open space around the Rugby Club Hotel.

 Our offer for companies: the team-building camp (2 days/1 night)
   -       to 10 people:       9500 Ft/person
   -       10-30 people:      8700 Ft/person
   -       30-100 people:    8500 Ft/person

The price includes:
   -     accomodation (2-4 beded rooms with private bathroom)
   -     full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
   -     laser combat or other game*
   -     evening entertainment (music, dance party, karaoke)

* In addition to Laser Combat, and  you can choose even bubble football, city discovery adventure and team building packages (easy physical and mental tasks which you have to solve in teams)



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 Rugby Club Hotel- Cheap accomdation in Esztergom!




Adress: Nagy-Duna sétány 1. Esztergom

Telephone: +36 20 476 0438