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Esztergom: Past, present and future

Esztergom is one of the oldest tonws in Hungary. It is located in northern Hungary, 46 kilmetres noth-west of the capital, Budapest. It lies in picturesque environment on the bank of the river Danube. It's population is about 30,000.

Esztergom was the first capital city of Hungary in the 11th century. The town is still the coutry's most sacred city, it is the seat of the archbishop of Hungary. Esztergom has many impressive sights to see, the most famous is definitely the Bansilica with it's treasury, but we can also mention the Hilltop Castle, the Christian Muesum - which has the greatest eclesiastical collection- and the Watertown (this area has a Baroqie cityscape). You can find the traces of the city's eventful history everywhere, such as in the structure and the spirit of the town.

On the other hand the town is surrouded by mountains - like the Pilis and the Visegrádi-, so you can experience the closeness of the nature, too. There are only a few towns which can can show these important values.

As for entertainment the city offers many activities. The Esztergom Summer Festivaé offers a range of concerts, incluidin jazz, classical and rock music, too. If the wheater is boiling you can go to the waterpark, Aquasziget (Aqua Island), where you can exoerience the benefical effects of spa. It's worth taking aride on the tourist train, narrow-gauge railway, to explore the sights of Eszergom. Kids love it very much.




Adress: Nagy-Duna sétány 1. Esztergom

Telephone: +36 20 476 0438