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 Welcome on the webpage of Rugby Club Hotel Esztergom!  


Olcsó szállás Esztergom - Olcsó Hotel Esztergom belvárosában

Our hotel in Esztergom has a special homour, it is really close to the city centre, but it is located in calm and relaxing environment on the bank of the Danube. Thanks to its favorable location makes access to the historic downtown, the cultural heritage, restaurants, pastry shops on foot in 5 minutes.

Besides the accomodation facilities we also focus on the free-time activities, the sports, which  contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Esztergom's historical heritage and picturesque beauty is really popular among the tourists, it's a great destination. We offer cheap but high-quality accomodation for couples, families, businessmen, groups, classes and sportsmen who visit the the town. We don't have stars, but have winner cups, which guarantee the quality. As the basis of the Olimpic Rugby on the wall of the building there is the Olimpic Five Stars, which is the world's number one brand logo that also guarantees the quality in the sport and the circumstances, too.

The Rugby Club Hotel is not only a hotel, but also a pleasure ground, spors center and leisure centre. We don't have restaurant, only a bar, butin our our neighbourhood there are great ones (such as Mediterraneo and Szalma Csárda), we can collaborate with them to solve locally the catering of groups and our guests can enjoy discounts in these restaurants.

In our hotel's main builiding there are 15 rooms, 12 of them have a private bathroom (2-4 bedded rooms) and the others are 5 bedde with a common bathroom. We also have a tourist hostel which is able to accomodate 50 people. We try to guarantee our hotel in Esztergom - in addition  to the maximum service - economy rates.

Team-building in Esztergom

In Rugby Club Hotel Esztergom in addition to the cheap but high-quality accomodation we offer entertaining programs! Team-building info here...

Class trip in Esztergom

Our historical town is one of the favourite destinations of the class trips. Rugby Club Hotel offers cheap accomodation and entartaining cultural programmes for the classes who visit EsztergomClass trip info...

Training camp in Esztergom

We offer - besides the great accomodation facilities - for training camps two grassy sport fields (with football and rugby goals) in our neighbourhood, which provide ideal training conditions for football and rugby associations. We also have a mirorred dancing hall with hardwood floor (200 m2), which is perfect for dancing schools, martial arts and combat sports training camps. 500 metres far away from our hotel there is the town's sports hall for other indoor sports. Training camp Esztergom info here...

Bicycle tour in Esztergom

On the most beautiful place of the Danube Bend - next to the Euro Velo cycling route - is located our cylists-friendly accomodation in Esztergom. Our hotel is perfect starting point of star tours, easy, medium, difficult family and group tours. Bicycle tour accomodation info...

Water tour in Esztergom

In close proximity to the Danube (with splashdown facility) is located our hotel which offers cheap but high quality accomodation for those who come with kayak or canoe. Water tour accomodation info...

Cheap accompdation in Esztergom

The Rugby Club Hotel Esztergom is located on one of the most beautiful places of the town, the Island Prímás. We offer high-quality services and economy accomodation for families, couples and groups. Cheap accomodation in Esztergom info...

Finding appropiate accomodation is not easy neither in Esztergom. The reasonable price, a central, but quiet location and the kind and helpful staff are all important. Rugby Club Hotel complies with these conditions. Ask for an offer now here.

We are waiting for you with great hotel deals. Please contact us!











Adress: Nagy-Duna sétány 1. Esztergom

Telephone: +36 20 476 0438