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Rugby Club Hotel - Cheap accomodation in Esztergom
The Rugby Club in Esztergom was established in 1983, nowadays it's the town's, even so Hungary's exemplary sport organization. With the help of the members, the leaders and the supporters we could create a place which has a great atmosphere for our sportmen, this is the Rugby Club Hotel. We focus on the advantages of the rugby, such as the togetherness, team spirit, fighting knowledge, everybody can take placein this sport: youth and elder people, boys and girls, parents and supporters can have fun and relax by watching the matches. After a match the opponents can congratulate to each other in our lounge.


The building used to be the home of the pioneers. When the sportmen bought it it was in dilapidated condition, so we started to renovate and modificate it and at the end they created Rubby Club Hotel. It's a place where the families can get together and have fun. We built next to each other the hotel, a bar, a lounge and a sports center. This place is perfect for accomodating guest teams or conducting training camps, because we can roost 100 people and in 500 m distance there is two sport fields with lawn - with rugby and football goals - as well as the rugby stadium is next to the hotel. Over and above we have a fitness hall where you can try several activities (such zumba, kangoo or jumping), and also and indoor tennis and beach vooleyball court.
Rugby Club Hotel is the basis of the Olimpic Rugby, that's on the wall of the building the five olimpic rings are taken, which guarantee the the quality in the sport and in the service, too. A well-prepared staff welcomes our guests in the hotel and a skilled coaching staff is responsible for the sport events. Our club reach successesin rugby every year, we won plenty of trofeas and diplomas, but we are also looking forwrd to the future's victories. Our gates are always open for the public, come and visit us, try our sport facilities: move with us in the fitness hall, run in competition on the rugby pitch or play a match with your friends on the tennis court! On the bank of the Danube the air is clean and fresh so we offer complete relaxation for the tourists, the student groups, the sporting teams and the courious spectators.




Adress: Nagy-Duna sétány 1. Esztergom

Telephone: +36 20 476 0438