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The hotel rooms are located in the main building. Here is situated our two event halls: the lounge and the fitness hall, and the bar. In front of the main building there is a huge and sunny terrace fromwhere you can see the breathtaking of the Danube with the Mária Valéria bridge (which connects Esztergom and Párkény) and the Basilica.
The hotel guests can use the lounge and the bar free of charge in the openinghours as a dayroom or television room. Both are equipped with plazma TV, DVD recorder and CD player, int the bar we have a computer, and in all of the rooms in the main building we offer free WIFI. Our lounge also serves as a game room, which is unique in Esztergom, as we have two pool tables and a table soccer in smoke-free environment.

The two-storey main building consists of 14 rooms, 7 of them are double and the others have 3-5 beds in them.

The building is connected by a covered walkway with the tourist hostel, where groups of students, tourists and backpackers can found accomodation on a reasonable price.

Prices in room with a bathroom:

         In "economy" double room:                 5.500 Ft/person/night
         In double room:                                    6.500 Ft/person/night
         In single room:                                      6.900 Ft/person/night
         In three-five bedded room:                  4.500 Ft/person/night
Breakfast (extended continental):  adults: 1.200 Ft
                                                         kids under 12 years: 800 Ft
Our prices inculde VAT!
The tourist tax isn't included in the price (300Ft/person/night)!
Excluded from the tourist tax those who are under 18 years old or over 70 years old;those who are attended in medical treatment; students if they are in the town because of education; those who visit the town in case of professional training or employment obligation; and the employees who visit the town if the employer confirms the fact of occupation.




Adress: Nagy-Duna sétány 1. Esztergom

Telephone: +36 20 476 0438