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The tourist hostel is perfect for class trips and training camps. This part is connected with the main building by a covered walkway. On two floors there are 10 rooms, some of them has private bathroom, but there is a common sanitary on the ground floor. The modestly furnished rooms have 3-8 beds in, they are spacious and comfortable. From the windows of the rooms on the second floor you can experience a fascinating view of the Basilica and the spa. On the ground floor there is a dayroom, where our guests can get together, play boardgames and cardgames.

Our guests can use the lounge and the bar free of charge in the opening hours as a dayroom or television room. Both are equipped with plazma TV, DVD recorder and CD player, int the bar we have a computer, and in all of the rooms in the main building we offer free WIFI. Our lounge also serves as a game room, which is unique in Esztergom, as we have two pool tables and a table soccer in smoke-free environment.

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Prices in the tourist hostel:

In 3-4 bedded room with private:                          4.500 Ft/person/night
In 5-8 bedded room/ with common bathroom:     3.500 Ft/person/night
On dormitory bed:                                                  3.000 Ft/person/night
Breakfast (extended continental):  adults: 1.200 Ft
                                                         kids under 12 years: 800 Ft
Our prices inculde VAT!
The tourist tax isn't included in the price (300Ft/person/night)!
Excluded from the tourist tax those who are under 18 years old or over 70 years old;those who are attended in medical treatment; students if they are in the town because of education; those who visit the town in case of professional training or employment obligation; and the employees who visit the town if the employer confirms the fact of occupation.




Adress: Nagy-Duna sétány 1. Esztergom

Telephone: +36 20 476 0438